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"Thank you for the excellent service! You have recovered 7 years of pictures and videos of our kids and family. We sent our hard disk to local company and were told that nothing could be restored due to some mechanical damages. We decided to try our luck again and sent the disk to The computer zone,Data recovery service provider. We know what your team had to go through to get our pictures and videos back to us, and we are grateful to you for not giving up and being with us till the end! Your attitude is above belief! Your kindness and willingness to help is unbelievable. You take job personally! You feel it and understand the client! I can go on and on. I will definitely recommend anyone who would ever need your services."

"You guys rock! There is nothing else comes to mind. Superb customer service! You work with heart! Friday morning our computer stopped working and we called an IT consultant. He diagnosed the hard drive failure stating that there was something mechanical and the disk needs to be sent for data recovery. Friday night the drive was sent to TCZ Data Recovery Saturday delivery. These guys worked over the weekend and overnight to get our data back to us. Monday morning we had all the data back. By 12 p.m. we were up and running! The hard drive was sent to us by bus courier that goes kota, as no other courier would work on Sunday. This is amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The computer zone,the best data recovery service provider in Rajasthan!"
Gopal das Geriyani

"I thought the photographic memories of my trip were gone forever, but all of my photos were recovered by (The computer zone ) Jaipur Data Recovery. The work was fast and the service was very friendly. I am extremely happy to have found this service!"
Aneesh Patel

"I wanted to provide my feedback about the only experience I`ve had so far with TCZ Data Recovery centre. I met with Chetan this Saturday afternoon, November, 27th at his office due to a problem I was having with retrieving some important information from my hard drive. He agreed to meet me at his office - on his day off - and both my husband and I were very impressed with him. He was a wonderfully kind man, who displayed a tremendous amount of patience toward me - someone who is not at all computer literate, and I remain grateful for his help. I not only left his office feeling very much relieved that my computer data `loss` was found, but grateful that my husband and I had met him in the first place. I have much need for a company who can help me retrieve data - something that has happen a few times in our family, and I will certainly return to your company for assistance when that occurs. Many thanks, once again, "TCZ"

"I went to The computer Zone with my IBM which had no display. All the lights were on but my laptop did not showing anything at all. They repaired my laptop and gave it back after 2 days with . They charged Rs, 3500/- which I was told more than Rs. 5000/- plus service tax from other centre.That`s cool. I am quite happy with the service. Hope my laptop will run fine." Thanks TCZ

"Being a reseller I use to repair my client`s laptop from The computer zone Jaipur. They never let me down. I do rely on this company and they have helped my business grow almost 50% just by offering their good service for me."

"Excellent Work. Great customer orientation, Keep it Going!!"
Rohit Sharma

"The computer zone (TCZ) is a perfect Data recovery company with quality service. They make you feel so special with their solutions for any data loss situation. I have got all my photos which are very precious to me. The feeling is great when you see your lost data back. Thank you TCZ!!!"

"Recently I lost all my data from my system. The computer Zone data recovery helped me to get them back. Never have I come across a data recovery company who follow up individual cases with such precision and care. I have got my sweet memories back. Thank You."
Ashish shukla


"The day my hard drive crashed I had a presentation to be presented in front of the Executive Director and such an incident was a disappointment, however, when I gave my hard drive to The computer zone, I got all my data recovered. It was a complete solution for data crisis situation."

"TCZ provides all kind of Genuine laptop batteries and adapters and all laptop accessories like laptop lcd ,keyboard etc with 1year warranty and tax paid bill. I`m very satisfied with them. Thanks Chetan Ji. The computer Zone,The only name in Data recovery Experts."

100% data recovery Solution & satisfaction. Thank you.
Aakash saini


"I am an NRI & frequently came to India for official trips. During my visit to Jaipur. The laptop slipped out of my hand & the LCD was broken. I had some very important files which I needed for presentation. I went to The Computer Zone straight away from Airport after hearing about them. Within 30 mins my LCD was replaced & I successfully attended my meeting."

"One and only Data recovery Expert i.e. Jaipur Data recovery in all rajasthan"


After 2 other people told us that there was no hope, all of our baby pictures were quickly and successfully recovered from a failed laptop hard disk by (TCZ) Jaipur Data Recovery. Many thanks! I'm very much Impressed...

"The computer zone is the Master in Data recovery in jaipur . any kind of data from any storage device can be recovered by TCZ ver easily in few days. really i get all my lost data from my fully damaged hard drive. thanks for all the support. Please provide your service in jaipur as well as all rajasthan so that all can avail your cheap and best data recovery service."

"When i lost my data i got so paniced and called service centre but they were unable to recovery data then i went to "TCZ" they are my vendor from last 2years then BANG i got all my pictures,videos back of my childhood ..its my advise to all the users of laptops whnever there is any problem come to "TCZ" THANK YOU soooooooo much..."

"Whenever I send hard disk to The computer zone Jaipur with data loss situation, within few hours I get to know the status of recovery and recovery percentage. I ge't all my documents, emails and folders back as it is. Thanks a lot. for all data recovery in jaipur"

"I'm very much impressed by the services given by them.(The computer zone jaipur).i almost lost all my data and nobody can give me assurance to recover my data but when i contact data recovery center in jaipur ,they recovery all my data in vey nominal charges in a very less time."

"Thanks for all your hard work. After the computer crashed I had feared the worst. You recovered it and ALL files were saved. It's like it never happened. Thanks!"
Kuber Sharma

"It's quite satisfactory to find the lost data recovered from the HDD of laptop. The work experience with a vendor like The computer zone is good. Data recovery center in jaipur ....Exellent!!!!"
Ritesh Mathur

"I was very much impressed by the recovery from my damaged (due to power fluctution) 160GB Desktop hard disk and the professionalism of the company. Although it took some time, I was kept updated -once it was established that recovery might be possible. I have since recommended the company to All with any hard drives data recovery problems. Thanks for all the support. "
Advocate Sandeep Srivastava (Agra)

"It's quite satisfactory to find the lost data recovered from the HDD of laptop. The work experience with a vendor like The computer zone is good. Data recovery center in jaipur ....Exellent!!!"
Ajay Mathur

"Great Customer Service and The computer Zone The Data recovery Centre Labs is first rate. My hard drive had a logical failure. I tried a bunch of things and none worked until I found TCZ data recovery Centre Labs. I called a local computer services company, I brought my PC to the local big laptop repair Team, but none could find any data or any way to recover the data. The big Local Service centre team took my hard drive out of the laptop, tried to read it, and said that the data was likely erased and it would be unlikely that I could recover anything. The next morning, I called TCZ Data recovery Service centre Labs before their 11 a.m. opening time and Chetan answered and let me know that I could come in that day. They took the hard drive out of my laptop and determined that they could read data, and so recovery was probable. I left the disk with them and then next day they gave me recovered files, which recovered 100% of my data--gigabytes of information, all except a few files. Thank you TCZ Data recovery centre Labs. Jaipur data recovery...You are Amazing!!!!!!!! "
Sonam Solanki

"I would like to thank you for your co-operation and support in retrieving and recovering important data from my non detecting hard drive. I got no experience in these matters,I visited the nearest local computer repair shop and a service center in jaipur who told me that it was impossible to recover this data, I was feeling lost and fainted,that years of information was lost forever. Seeing your website online was a big relief! From the very first telephone conversation with jaipur data recovery I was asked some very good questions, and then helped guide me through the first step of reassured me that you do everything possible to help restore my data, and gave informative knowledge, calm explanations as to the process and steps of data recovery in this situation; it was much appreciated! In less than 24 hours, I was given a quick response regarding the diagnostics (thank you Sir), and options for further recovery at TCZ Each step of the process one of you called and informed me about the position of data recovery; that is the best customer service! I felt that you all cared a great deal about letting me know about the going on process; the end result was that all of my precious data was recovered, and again, saved and secured onto a portable back-up hard drive. The turn-around time on this recovery was 6 days; over a week! The telephone support services by the TCZ after receiving my data back were very much appreciated!We will recommend our friends and business associates of your superb computer diagnostics and data recovery services,thanks a lot and we appreciate the best efforts made by Jaipur data recovery. "
Sanjay Shukla

"I got my data lost due to accidental water damage in my external hard disk,while i was travelling,i took my external hdd to data recovery centre ie Jaipur data recovery they checked my hard disk for analysis and called me after two days with my all data back i was surprised and greatly thankful to them. "
Ajeet mathur

"The computer Zone Data recovery saved me from a big data loss,thanks a lot to them.I was saved from a death.
Sushant Dave

"wowwwww great efforts thanks for saving my data bingo,i cant believe my all data is back.
Akash Chaturvedi

"Great Job! The computer Zone , Hard disk Data recovery centre in jaipur was able to get my data back fast when I needed it most. Their friendly professional staff was eager to help and they kept me in the loop throughout the whole process. I will definitely refer them to anyone that needs Data Recovery in the Jaipur Rajasthan, or India or in The Whole World."
Sanjay Gupta

"Jaipur data recovery Saved me ,It is not the best feeling in the world to have your hard drive crashed and realize that all your photos, documents, and information that you should have backed up are long gone. So I thought, but after working with Jaipur Data Recover centre (TCZ ),they were able to fully recover my seemingly lost data in a very short amount of time. Furthermore they worked with me to set up a back-up system so that this will not happen again. I am very much happier with the experience and the result of my data recovery.They recovery all most 100% data. I would recommend these guys to anyone who was in my situation."
Ajay Kumar rathi

"Data recovery Centre (TCZ) in jaipur Rajasthan is a best centre for data recovery. They are efficient and friendly for recovering data at a competitive price. They completed whole process within three days and handed over my 100% data. It is the best place for the persons who are in the critical conditions like data loss and disaster.Many thanks to them for their best support."
Rakesh Kumawat

"Recovered Almost all the Data on a seriously damaged HDD. Thanks! you saved my life!!! thanks again"
Sanjana Chaturvedi

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